May we always be able to distinguish between a human and a machine.

We are helping organizations to mitigate the risk of being inundated by virtual online accounts generated by algorithmic machines powered by artificial intelligence on communication and community platforms.

We are creating internet pseudonymous identities, whose establishment was based on physical proof performed outside of the digital environment. These verified identities enable third parties to create and verify online accounts not created by an algorithmic machine.

Physically Verified

The identity is created based on an action performed in the physical world.

Cryptographically Secured

We use strong and verified cryptographic methods.

Server-less Management

The use of identities is not dependent on our servers.

“ We believe that in the future, the ability to distinguish between a human identity and an identity belonging to an algorithmic machine will become increasingly important.“

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We Build New Future With Secured and Proven Principles

We believe that with the development of artificial intelligence, it is important to ask ourselves whether it is crucial to maintain the ability to distinguish between an online account created by a human and an online account created by an algorithmic machine.

In reality, there is a real risk that the massive development of artificial intelligence will lead to a significant increase in online accounts that are generated by algorithmic machines and will be passed off as accounts belonging to real people. This will lead to a flood of communication and community platforms, the value of which will be significantly diminished as a result.

We use proof in the form of performing an activity in the physical world outside of the digital realm to create an identity. Although there are now a variety of services and mechanisms to verify and establish identities purely online – for example, by using video recordings, audio recordings, etc. – we are concerned that with the development of technological and algorithmic capabilities, this method will not be sufficiently reliable in the future. Additionally, the actual identity of an individual is not relevant to us as our identities are pseudonymous.

We strictly adhere to strong and verified cryptographic security for the entire process of identity creation and subsequent management based on a server-less architecture. We do not store any personal information on our servers.

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Our Services

What Services We Offer

We provide services for complete identity management and their usage both on the client side and on the side of external service providers.

Physically verified identity

We provide physically verified pseudonymous online identities for authentication and creation of online human accounts.

Authentication mechanism for given identities

The identities created by us can serve as a means of verifying humanity during the creation of online accounts or as a multi-factor authentication method (MFA).

API for external service providers

We provide documentation to third parties for easy setup of the API interface so that they can successfully utilize our authentication method.

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We are here to help you protect your business from the phenomenon of the rise of online accounts generated by AI.

We enable individuals to create pseudonymous identities based on proof of activity in the physical world and the ability to demonstrate that they are not an AI-generated account. For organizations, we help with creating and logging in to accounts only for users who have a verified identity proving that the account was created by a human.

Our product

How it Works

Please read about how our product works and the steps to begin using it.

Physically Verified

Even though there are many methods today for creating an identity solely online, we believe that the growth of technology and the development of AI will enable these mechanisms to be manipulated and it will become increasingly difficult to distinguish which identities were created by humans and which were created by algorithmic machines.
For this reason, we are creating identities that are supported by actions performed in the physical world. It is not important to us whether the person who performs the required action is the same person who will subsequently assume the created identity. Our goal is not to verify or determine the true identities of individuals, but only to determine whether a given identity was created by a human or a machine.

The first step in creating an identity is to choose your Plan, download our mobile application and enter a physical address. We will then send you a code to that physical address, which is used to initialize your identity in the mobile application.

Cryptographically Secured

The creation of a new identity is initiated by our application towards our server. All private components of the cryptographic material are generated within the application and are never transferred outside of it. The ‚proof of humanity‘ itself is generated on the server side and subsequently encrypted and sent via mail to the recipient’s physical address. Only after combining the contents within the application with the contents of the envelope, a new identity is successfully created. This ensures confirmation of the operation in the physical world.
Furthermore, the management of the identity is independent of communication with our server and runs entirely based on a server-less architecture.

The second step is to create the identity by combining the contents within the application with the contents of the envelope.

Authentication and API

The authentication itself is then very straightforward. Service providers who utilize our authentication method display a QR code on their website, which simply needs to be scanned within our application and confirmed on the user’s phone in a manner they are accustomed to. If everything is in order, the authentication is verified.

The third step is the straightforward use of authentication through the application by scanning a QR code.


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What is the total price of Human Account?

The total price consists of the cost of our product and the shipping fee for delivering the envelope.

What Payment Methods Are Available?

We utilize the Stripe payment gateway for accepting payments.

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If you have any questions, please email us at


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        If you are a user looking to create an identity, choose the Individuals Plan. If you are a service provider, select the Service Providers Plan. If you are interested in partnering with us, contact us under the Partners Plan.